Gold Addy for the "We Are Greater Campaign" Brochure


The 16 page, 4-color brochure for the Community Foundation's "We Are Greater, Chattanooga" campaign was recognized for its clean look, eye-catching design and exceptional storytelling. The tasteful piece took the stories we had created in video and brought them to life on the printed page.

The unusual cover was a reflective stock that had a mirror-like quality. The reader could see an image of him or herself as they held the brochure in their hands. This not only served as an invitation to turn the page but provided a brief moment for the reader to reflect on what he or she would discover inside.

Each story fell on a 9 1/2 by 19 inch, 4-color spread with an abundance of white space and an absence of clutter. A candid color photo of the individual with no background appeared on the right page and the story was a couple of brief but very powerful and compelling paragraphs contained on the left page. It was as if the two opposing pages spoke to one another.

The brochure was either mailed or given to those who had made a funding commitment to the Community Foundation. The piece served as a "thank you" and a reminder of the important work and positive impact the organization had on the City of Chattanooga.



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