She’s an artist. A Mom. Been drawing since she was 5. And hails from Ogden, Utah—God’s country.  Says she moved here on a wild impulse. Lucky for us. Alex has an amazing sense of design, which she applies to every project she works on. Received her design degree from Chatt State. She’s also fascinated with lettering and the work of the “old school” sign painters. “It’s my inspiration,” says Alex.

Speaking of art and her passion for lettering, Alex has created some remarkable designs using random words and phrases. The result? Each is a work of art. Which explains her unique ability to render attention-getting design for Social Media. Another, of her many talents. Her spare time? She enjoys fly fishing...yet, another art.

Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

CHI Memorial Hospital

Collective Clothing

Locals Only

Good Dog

Sluggos Vegetarian Cafe

Sweetbriar Vegan

Tin Man Archival Portraits

Renegade Silver