Nadia’s always had big dreams and an insatiable sense of curiosity—a prerequisite for a front-end developer. She’s a problem solver. The tougher the problem, the harder she works to find solutions that keep clients happy.

She received a BFA in Electronic Media from the University of Cincinnati. In her final year, she figured out her own program using independent studies sponsored by a professor and graduated in 3 years.

Nadia loves learning about all sorts of things, which is a good thing in the constantly changing world of technology. When she’s not wrestling with a piece of code, she’s rock climbing. Chattanooga is one of the biggest rock climbing destinations in the U.S. which is what brought Nadia to us. The minute she saw our website, she knew Maycreate was where she wanted to work. After a couple of phone calls with Brian May and a look at her work, she got her wish.

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