Robyn's spent her career sharing stories. As a journalist, an actress, an instructor, a columnist.

Her passion for communication began in television and radio news, where she earned both Edward R. Murrow and Associated Press Awards. As a lead marketing writer/project manager for a Fortune 500 company, she thrived on throwing good ideas and people together for a great story. Telling tales led to Los Angeles where this Stanislavski Method-trained actress who studied at the Groundlings broke a leg onstage in plays like Prelude to A Kiss and brought the funny to weekly improv performances in Burbank.

Robyn returned to her Southern roots a new mama, certified yoga and breathwork teacher, happy with her hands in some garden dirt and writing print feature articles on best-selling authors, designers and a lot of other stuff. Then came a time where, despite undying love and affection for her two beautiful angels Georgia Grace and Stallings, this lifelong writer callously threw her kids under the bus when their misadventures proved perfect fodder for her monthly newspaper column, Mama Bird Musings.

A Pinterest addict and avid DIY practitioner, she lives to convert a closet into a doll house or refurbish a bathroom fixture. A New York City Marathon runner, she's more likely to hike in the Tennessee mountains lately.  And while a devoted wife and tennis partner to her soul mate Garrison for 15 years, she'd drop him in a second to see a backhand at Wimbledon by the GOAT Roger Federer. That's how much she loves watching tennis, playing tennis and well, mostly watching Roger Federer play tennis.

We think her talent, skills, and passion for sharing what’s relevant, and frankly what’s random but probably matters anyway, make her perfect for the Maycreate team.