To begin, Sarah was born in Omaha during an unrelenting blizzard, which could explain a lot of things. Like her tenacity. Her love for all things challenging. She was a gymnast in high school. She also attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), where she received her undergraduate degree in Photography & Media Art. She interned at Maycreate in 2014, her last year at UTC.

Her first job with us was shooting models and clothing for Alice Blue, a local fashion boutique. And the jobs and the photography just kept coming. Sarah has a way with a camera. A way of capturing subjects naturally with a certain flair. The result is pure magic. She’s done several shoots at Bonnaroo, capturing a number of famous artists and groups, like Earth Wind and Fire, Ludacris, and Walk the Moon, to name a few. “The lighting is unpredictable. The subjects challenging,” she says.

Sarah’s a “foodie.” Her favorite? Tacos. They’re easy to prepare and you can eat them anytime. All you need are your hands. She also likes white water rafting, camping, concerts, craft beer and… the only exceptions? Country music and sours.

The Read House Hotel

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Bridgeman’s Chophouse

Chattanooga Airport

Historic Brushy Mtn. State Pen

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