Our People


Anthony Sims

Senior Content Strategist

Things used to be so simple: write for print, record for radio, shoot for television. And then the web happened. Suddenly, any customer could access a universe of multimedia on a multitude of different screens with little regard for business hours or broadcast schedules. It was chaos, and Anthony Sims loved it.

Leveraging substantial experience as a professional screenwriter, a college professor, a documentary filmmaker and a one-man Marketing Department for the world’s largest Honda powersports dealership, Anthony’s uniquely diverse skillset was perfectly suited to a world where high-impact headline copy was one click away from the next great viral video. Anthony’s secret isn’t really a secret at all: technology changes and time marches on, but people generally want the same things: information, entertainment, honesty and value.

Anthony holds a BA in Creative Writing and an MFA in Film. He’s produced award-winning web content (as in an ADDY National Finalist and more Tellys that we can remember) as well as a short film that won the Cannes Short Film Festival. He owns and loves several awesome bicycles, two awesome guitars and a Jack Russell Terrier named Lita Ford.