5 Very Maycreate-y Things We’re Thankful For

 Anthony Sims

As we look forward to Turduckenpalooza 2015, let’s take a moment to step back and think of all the things designers, developers, brand managers and entrepreneurs have to be thankful for. Sure, it’s a crazy time to be in business and marketing is just plain crazy most of the time, but we should always try to appreciate that we get to live in a world of amazing technology, unprecedented diversity and jaw-dropping creativity. And so, here are five of our favorite Maycreate-y things in design, tech and life itself:

Cool Tools

What a time to be a content creator. Post-PC products like Apple’s iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Book put desktop-class computing into sleek, portable form factors that didn’t even exist five years ago. And we haven’t even mentioned the crazy innovation in software, as apps like PaperFigure and Haiku Deck redefine the way we make and share content. As innovations continue to trickle down and prices continue to drop, more people will have anytime-anywhere access to professional content creation capabilities, and that’s a good thing.

New Channels

You don’t have to search very long to find pundits wringing their hands over market fragmentation or the tyranny of excessive choice. To be sure, the colossal battle between Facebook, Apple and Google (not to mention billions of other apps and platforms) makes finding your audience more challenging than ever. But remember: where there is disruption, there’s opportunity. So long as you’ve done your due brand diligence and know who you want to reach, then you have more opportunities to engage customers than ever before. Best of all, in a market constantly opening new pathways to consumers, you have a rare chance to get there first.

Great Design Anywhere

We are living through not only a revolutionary historical moment in communication, but also an unprecedented awareness and respect for great design. Oh sure, there are the occasional horrors, but we also have this watch and these skateboardsand this $99 computer kit for kids. This collision of great design and social purpose gives us the warm fuzzies.


We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it: Chattanooga is the best place to live, the best place to work, and the best place in the world to start a new business. Big ideas, cool people, low cost of living, stunning geography...what else could we want?


As far as we know, none of the Maycreaters is eating turducken this year. We’re just happy it exists.