A Fish Story You Won't Forget

 Monty Wyne

If you’re a seafood lover, you won’t want to miss the Fish Market in Historic Old Town Alexandria. They serve the freshest seafood in Northern Virginia. This was a fish story worth telling and Maycreate developed a Website that did just that.

When the client sat down with our Senior Art Director and Web designer, Grant Little, the client’s first request was create a Site that makes your mouth water. Put another way, one look and you’re hooked. Grant took that direction to heart and the end result is…well…scrumptious.

First of all, our staff photographer, Sarah Smith, captured the appetite appeal with extreme close-ups of the food, as if it had just been taken off the grill and placed on your plate. Then we looked for a tempting invitation that said this was not only an irresistible place for fresh seafood, but also a place to enjoy yourself with craft beer, a good wine list, and live music. In other words, “EAT FISH. DRINK BEER. LIVE LONGER.” 

There were also a few other technical requests, like a mobile-first, user-centric design that was easy on the eyes and the user experience when it came to navigation. Oh, and the menu had to be a quick, one-click dropdown that would take you to all the delicious food offerings and specialties customers could ask for, land lubbers included. Maycreate’s talented Web Developer, Taylor Richards, saw to all that.

The end result? We’re happy to say this isn’t the story about the one that got away, but a satisfied client who got a great Website that’s landing quite a few new customers. 

Visit FishMarketVA.com