A Website and Restaurant Stacked in Your Favor

 Monty Wyne

To begin, if you’re looking for the best burger in Chattanooga, look no further than the Urban Stack. These mouthwatering mountains of beef, cheese and garden fresh toppings with the condiments of your choice are legend in this city. 

The only thing that might top that is the website we developed and launched for this incredibly popular restaurant. When the client approached Maycreate about building the site, these were their must-haves. First of all, the menu had to be visible and easily accessible. Of course, daily specials had to be featured on the homepage. And no questions asked, we had to create easy access to gift cards and directions.

Order Up!  We turned the assignment over to our Senior Art Director and Web Designer, Grant Little and our Web Developer, Taylor Richards. They went to work. Grant found the perfect font for headers—bold and individual, a statement, just like the burgers and sides customers found at the Stack. He also created a mobile-first, user-centric design. In addition, the tightly cropped, extreme close-ups of the food were irresistibly mouthwatering. These surprising shots were captured by Maycreate’s staff photographer, Sarah Smith.

Taylor Richards took Grant’s design and brought it to life. The navigation was easy to access and use, and readily visible, running just above the photos in a horizontal navigation bar with a one-click reveal of the Specialty Drinks, the Gallery of fun, food, staff and customers, and the Gift Card and Contact pages with easy-to-follow instructions and maps. All in all, it’s one irresistible experience.