Adam Ewing Joins Maycreate

 Monty Wyne

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, the home of barbeque and the blues, Adam Ewing joins Maycreate as a senior art director. He brings talent, insight and a very keen eye for award-winning design. The kind that makes both clients and their customers take notice.

He received his BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Has more than 15 years of extensive in-house and agency experience. Worked with large international companies, small business, and growth-stage start-ups. And he’s discovered that people with a passion for their work and an emotional connection to what they do are happier and more successful. It’s a path he seeks to follow in his work.

His select client list is impressive. Adam has created work for well-known national and international brands, including Ralph Lauren, Jack Daniel’s, and the National Gallery of Art. His work has also created unique brand identities and a growing customer base for a number of brands, such as Ugly Mug Coffee, Ole Smoky Moonshine, Mountain Hardwear, Bellhops, the Bijou Theatre, and Chelsea Market in NYC. 

But he’s not all work and no play. As a matter of fact, he plays guitar. Picked it up at the age of 16. Played in bands during his college years. Now, he plays old-time fiddle tunes. “Pre-bluegrass,” he says. He also collaborates with his wife, Liz Tapp, who plays violin and is classically trained. Music is also what brought the two of them together. That, and hunting for natural hot springs in the dusty Desolation Wilderness in the California Mountains. But that’s another story.

Adam also has a love for letterpress printing and spent 11 years, as a designer, letterpress printer and art director at Yee-Haw Industrial Letterpress and Design Company. This iconic print shop fostered a resurgence in the art of this early printing process that originated in the 1400s. He also led letterpress workshops at the San Francisco Center for the Book when he lived and worked in the city and continues to pursue printmaking and book arts at the Open Press in Chattanooga.

Maycreate welcomes Adam. He said that he’s excited about joining the team. He also shared a recent experience. As he walked past store fronts on his way to work one day, he noticed several examples of Maycreate’s work. He thought to himself, “I like walking in a city where I can see things the agency has done that have had an impact on local business.”