Alex DeHart Joins Maycreate

 Monty Wyne

Alex is the newest member of Maycreate’s growing team. She brings her talents, her unique sense of design, and a “heart of gold.” She grew up in Riverdale, Utah. A stone’s throw from Ogden—Utah’s seventh largest city. She’s also the mother of identical twins, Lou Ellen and Evelyn June. And her husband is an accomplished guitar player who’s recorded with some of Rock n’ Rolls greatest groups. So, talent runs in the family.

Alex is also an artist. She’s been drawing since she was 5. Her creativity includes a real fascination with lettering. She appreciates the many facets of typography. That fascination extends to calligraphy and handwriting, a lost art, given today’s technology. Her passion for lettering, including random words and phrases, led to some remarkable designs, which became part of her portfolio and one of the reasons we hired Alex.  

She’s always looked at her world in creative ways. Alex entered several Art Contests when she was in high school. She and a classmate created a sculpture of a man using hundreds of foil sandwich wrappers. Their work of art went all the way to state competition and the first-place prize of $150. They followed that with a life-size sculpture of a mermaid constructed from newspaper and duct tape and to their surprise, they won another first place prize.  

Alex received her design degree from Chatt State. Her education and natural ability have led to some stunning design for Social Media. That said, we can’t forget one of her greatest sources of inspiration, old school sign painters. “There’s a true art to sign painting,” says Alex. “Every stroke of the brush yields something new. You wonder what the next will bring,” she says.

Besides a job she loves, Alex devotes quality time to her twin girls. As for hobbies, she enjoys fly fishing. For that, she heads to the one place that offers the ‘best fly fishing in the country,’ Jackson, Montana. “Water, nature, and the thrill of a prize catch is pretty tough to beat,” she reflects.