Blog Basics for Businesses

 Rad Davenport

Blogging is important to your business. Blogs appear on topics ranging from fashion, to video games to business trends and are read by people just as diverse as the topics themselves. It may take some time, writing skill and effort, but blogging will pay dividends for your business. Here are a few reasons you should consider adding a blog section to your website:

Improve your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of ensuring your website can be found in search engine results when people search for words and phrases relevant to your website. Basically, better SEO equals more traffic to your website. More traffic to your website should equal more business for you. Blogs improve your SEO by providing a constant flow of fresh, keyword-rich content for search engines to read and index.

Drive traffic to your website

Write about topics that are relevant to your business and are interesting to your target customers. This will drive user engagement and entice visitors to come back to your website to see what’s new. Also, you can post links to your recent blog articles on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to drive even more traffic to your website.

Convert your website traffic into leads

Include a lead-generating call to action in your blog posts to turn website visitors into potential customers. Calls to action can include activities like downloading free ebooks, whitepapers, factsheets, webinars, etc. or signing up to receive emails from your business. Basically, you want to entice blog readers to click on your call to action link then fill out a form that will capture their contact information.

Position your company as a leader in your area of specialty

You know your business is the best at what it does, but how can your website visitors see that? By reading your expertly-written blog, that’s how. Share your knowledge about your industry, including information about your experience and completed projects. This will let potential customers get to know you and learn more about how you can help them.

Develop better customer relationships

Blogs attract new customers, and they build stronger relationships with the customers you already have. Blogging gives you a chance to show more of your personality and business savvy while demonstrating the knowledge you have in your industry. Teach your customers about things they want or need to know. Become the trusted, go-to source for this information, and you will have dedicated, appreciative customers who believe in you and your business.

Create opportunities for social sharing

Post your blog articles on social media for even more exposure. Well-written articles about interesting topics will be shared by your audience. Sharing will lead to clicks, which leads to website visitors and more traffic to your website – all for just the cost of a well-written article. This free marketing is primarily done by others who are sharing, posting or retweeting the link to your blog post. This gives you free exposure without much effort on your part, and having others vouch for you earns credibility.