Brands And Emotion: The Essential Element of Success

 Monty Wyne

When it comes to producing great creative, there’s one very essential question to ask. Where’s the emotion? What tugs at a viewer or reader’s heartstrings in an unexpected way and creates an absolutely unforgettable experience that forms a bond with the brand—a bond that could last a lifetime?

It’s a question we apply to just about every idea or campaign we concept and produce for clients at Maycreate. No doubt, differentiation is a crucial element of a brand’s success. It’s certainly one necessity that will separate a brand from its competitors. Beyond a point of difference, however, what can a brand do to capture the heart of consumers, which links to that decision-making part of every human being, the mind?

There have been a number of studies conducted on the role emotion plays in influencing positive awareness and affiliation for a brand. One PhD candidate measured consumer reaction to advertising messages by evaluating their facial expressions to the messaging while using the cameras on their Smartphones. Those with more positive expressions, like smiles or laughter, had a greater attraction and positive response to the brand.

You have to feel something for a brand before you act. Whether it’s making a purchase or a response to a message, advertising is most effective when it has an emotional base. It’s when a potential customer begins to think of a brand as a trusted friend, someone who always delivers on his or her promises and never betrays that trust.