(Drum roll please)... Market City Center Gets New Website

 Sarah Smith

Market City Center has been recognized as one of the most important developments to take place in Chattanooga’s growing downtown business district. This contemporary, 10-story structure brings 42,000 square feet of boutiques, restaurants, and first-class office space to the city, and above it all, beautifully appointed apartment living. A development with such prestige and visibility deserved an equally impressive website.

Nadia Nutgrass, one of Maycreate’s talented front-end developers and designers, wanted to create a site that not only showcased the building, but appealed to young professionals. “I wanted to build a site with a clean user interface and fun animations that would engage our audience,” said Nadia. It was this forethought that led to some of her initial design decisions.

One of those decisions was to pair the apartment layout information with some very colorful and attractive tabs, which tastefully reduced the amount of real estate this feature consumed, while providing users with all the pertinent information. In addition, she wanted to incorporate some subtle, on-scroll animations, which led to a small, but clever design element. 

Sarah Smith, Maycreate’s staff photographer, had taken some stunning images of the of the new structure. Nadia found a subtle way to highlight the photos without detracting from them. The text that identifies and appears over each of the photo, fades as the user scrolls down, keeping his or her eye focused on the image.

Why not get a firsthand look at Market City Center’s new website and see for yourself?

View the website here.