From Civil War Fort to Exciting Retail Concept

 Monty Wyne

Warehouse Row has a storied history that dates back to the Civil War. It began as the Old Stone Fort and by the early 20th century it became part of the warehouse district that served the growing railroad industry. Today, it has been transformed into an exciting community retail concept, which is revitalizing downtown Chattanooga. It’s home to a variety of popular retailers, restaurants, and business offices. 

When we sat down with the client to discuss next steps, the first thing they said, “We need to find an efficient and effective way to increase foot traffic and generate lasting awareness of all Warehouse Row has to offer.” It was a tall order, but Maycreate took their words to heart and began an in-depth review of past marketing efforts—both the messaging and the medium. We looked at frequency and reach, the brand voice and tone, design elements of the advertising and their Website, and any digital efforts they had conducted.

Following this review, we concluded the most effective and efficient way for Warehouse Row to connect with their audience was their Website, Facebook page, and targeted Digital Paid Search and Display ads. With a deadline looming, we got to work.

The first thing we tackled was the website. We began by modifying the site’s Indexing to improve the search phase for visitors, making it easier and faster for them to find the information they were after. We also created individual landing pages for the retail and restaurant tenants, to increase their lead generation and connected more effectively with their prospects. Then we launched an aggressive Facebook ad campaign to increase awareness with users in and near Chattanooga. Ads are rotated every month, featuring a different retail shop or restaurant.

To step up foot traffic, Maycreate simultaneously introduced online Pay Per Click (PPC), Paid Search and Display ads. The PPC Paid Search campaign captures Site visitors the moment they are looking for a place to shop or eat and targets their searches. We also initiated a Retargeting Display campaign that keeps Warehouse Row top-of-mind following a visit to the Site.

Considerable effort was invested in redesigning the website. The site served as the online face and presence of this unusual community retail concept. Dramatic photography of retail shop interiors and exteriors of the 19th century building greet visitors at the top of each page. The content’s bold typography is reversed in white against a black background, providing an air of sophistication. The site’s voice is refined and authoritative and all the elements on the site exude class and exclusivity.

Our efforts have not only generated growing buzz, but they’ve captured a fair amount of attention in local and regional media, which has caught the eye of residents and out-of-town visitors. Website traffic has been steadily increasing, as are Facebook views.  Since early July, the campaign has made over 3,400,000 impressions and generated more than 4,800 clicks. 

Kudos to the team that worked on this project: Brian May, Creative Director; Grant Little, Senior Art Director; Taylor Richards, Web Developer; Sarah Smith, Photographer; Rad Davenport, Analytics & SEO; Monty Wyne, Senior Copywriter; and Eliza Everett, Accounts Manager.