Has Your Business Reached a Crossroads?

 Virginia Brooks

This was the question, which sparked Maycreate’s development of a new brand and entire identity for a unique financial start-up. 

Our client, Frank Williamson, had held several successful upper management positions as an investment banker and a managing partner. Now he wanted to set out on his own. His company, Oaklyn Consulting, offered something new to the business world—a business financial strategy firm that helped companies and small business make difficult financial and strategic decisions that would determine their future.

Frank asked us to build a Website for his new venture. He wanted it to be very different from those that might compete with him. Voice was absolutely critical. He knew he had a unique story to tell, but it had to be told in a way that positioned Oaklyn Consulting as a firm that not only understood the complex business aspects of a decision, but the emotional sensitivity involved, as well.

Monty Wyne, our senior copywriter, sat down with Frank for an in-depth interview. The discussion wasn’t just about the business. It also included the man behind the business. All of this would play a major role in differentiating Oaklyn, as well as establishing the firm as a unique entry to the world of private equity, Mergers & Acquisitions, and market valuation.

Following that interview, the creative team went to work. Brian May, the agency’s senior creative director, had designed an entire identity package for Oaklyn, including color palette, typeface, logo and signature, as well as business cards, stationary, and other essential elements. His work established the look and visual personality of the brand, providing a creative direction for the project. 

The Website presented some interesting challenges from both a design and content perspective. The home page was our first hurdle. How would we immediately engage visitors, stopping them with content and visuals that got their attention?  The opening header, “HAS YOUR BUSINESS REACHED A CROSSROADS ?” and our photo, an evening shot of a huge intersection teaming with traffic, was the answer.

With that solved, Grant Little, our senior art director, created the site map and wire frames and oversaw the design and development of the site. Taylor Richards, our developer, looked after the back end, making sure navigation and functionality seamlessly guided visitors to the information they were after. Photography was a very important part of the project as well. Sarah Smith, our staff photographer, took all the client portraits, and stock shots were carefully selected by Maycreate’s art directors. 

The result of this effort ?  We recently received an email from our client with these words, “The response to the site has been overwhelming. Great work! Thank you.” That said, you might like to visit oaklynconsulting.com.

Visit OaklynConsulting.com