Hey, Brian Murphy...

 Monty Wyne

Brian Murphy isn’t just a great art director, he’s a great guy!  A rare talent who came to Chattanooga by way of Peekskill, New York and Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Now Peekskill is a long way from Hattiesburg, but Peekskill is where Brian grew up and Hattiesburg is where he attended Southern Miss to obtain his BFA in Graphic Communication.

So, what attracted him to the fast-paced world of marketing and advertising? It all began in Peekskill when he was a boy and he’d ride the train into New York City with his family. He was taken with the graffiti he saw on the sides of train cars. He said every time a train would pass on the opposite track it was like a life size comic book rolling down the rails. From there, he got very interested in typography, the shapes of letters, the variety of typefaces, the ascenders and descenders, the diagonal stroke, you get the idea.

That interest in type might have been a result of his days as a paperboy. He delivered the Peekskill’s Evening Star, where his dad was an editor. It was an evening paper so he didn’t have to get up early in morning, with the exception of Saturday and Sunday. And now he gets up every morning to work with the team at Maycreate, as a senior art director.

Brian is also an avid reader, a busy dad, a former runner turned bicyclist, and a sports fan with emphasis on the New York Yankees. (Surprise, surprise.) His work has been honored with number of creative awards and that work has made all the difference for clients. Clients that represent almost every major category of marketing. 

Brian is certainly a welcome addition…and we might add, a devoted family man.