How a Local Brew Becomes a National Name

 Monty Wyne

How do you take a local craft brewer and turn their popular local brew into a household name Simple. You keep the advertising local. (Makes sense.)

Blue Point Brewing wanted to bring a little bit of Long (pronounced Long-gah) Island along for the ride—specifically Patchogue, NY—as they continued to expand and grow their national presence. Their flagship brand, called Toasted Larger, has expanded its distribution from 19 states last year to 32 states in 2016.

As their footprint grows, they don’t want to lose touch with their hometown roots in Patchogue. They realized the importance of the brand equity they enjoyed in their local heritage. It provided a unique and believable position for them in a very noisy and competitive category—the beer business.

The ads take a tongue-in-cheek tone and celebrate the mundane of the local community, which their unassuming, local spokesperson delivers in an understated, comic way. The brewery’s co-founder said, “The idea behind the campaign is that we take brewing the beer seriously, but not ourselves.”

This makes for an entertaining and memorable viewing experience. So to all of you with a sense of humor and an appreciation for truly great craft beer, should enjoy the next 30 seconds.