Is Your Brand Unique, Ownable and Relevant?

 Monty Wyne

So, just what is a brand? A logo? A color? A specific typeface? An image? A belief?  A voice? A look? A personality?

What if we told you it’s all of the above? Surprised?  We won’t ask you to take our word for it. So, to prove our point, let’s use an analogy. What if we said “You...are a brand?” Before you shake your head in disbelief, say it’s 6:30 in the morning and you’ve just turned off the alarm clock and gotten out of bed.

Hey, it’s time to get ready for work. So, what do you wear? A necktie, bowtie, open collar?  Will it be a suit today or something casual, say slacks and a shirt? What kind of car do you drive? What newspaper, book or magazine do you read on your morning commute? What about the wristwatch you wear?

Whatever you decide, each one of these outward expressions says something very specific about you. It sends a message about who you are and what you stand for. From the colors you choose to the shoes you wear that day, all are outward expressions of your brand identity or personality. 

So, let’s take this analogy and look at it from another perspective. The perspective of your company, your business, or your product or service. What is it that sets any one of these apart? How does each stand out from those brands that compete with yours?  And finally, does your brand have a unique story to tell? 

In today’s competitive world where there are millions of brands, billions of dollars, and thousands of media channels, it’s imperative that your brand be UniqueOwn Able, and Relevant. These are the three distinct properties that will continue to ensure that your brand not only remains competitive...but endures.

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