Keep On Truckin’

 Monty Wyne

How do you keep truck drivers and the trucks they drive on the road and out of the repair shop? You call on Big Rig Lending. To make sure Big Rig got all the elements of their marketing and branding campaign rolling, they called on Maycreate. 

Big Rig came to us with a company name and asked us to help them create an entire company identity, beginning with a unique brand story that defined the company and gave it a distinctive brand voice. Campaign elements included logo and tagline development, company colors and typeface, designing, building and providing copy/content and SEO for a corporate Website, creating campaign collateral, developing outdoor boards, and concepting an entire digital effort, which including tracking and metrics, measuring awareness, engagement, and conversion. 

Maycreate’s creative team began the initial exploration by writing the brand story. Once the client approved it, we began generating a number of taglines. The final line had to be concise, memorable and define Big Rig’s essential purpose and mission. Following a quick concepting session and client approval, we had our tagline and the green light to begin work on all the other aspects of the campaign.

The brand identity package (logo design, typeface, and brand colors) and the corporate Website required a considerable amount of thought from both a design and functionality perspective. The Site had to be responsive with an easy-to-browse menu, and navigation that took users to the information they needed in one click. In almost every case, drivers would be accessing the Site from the road on their mobile devices. They would also utilize their mobile phones to take pictures of their broken-down rigs in order to complete an application for quick funding and approval. In addition to repairs, drivers could also fund tire replacement or taxes and insurance, if they found themselves a little short.

Our senior art director, Grant Little, managed every phase of the Site design, including Site map, individual page template designs, graphics, and type placement. Taylor Richards, Maycreate’s web developer, followed through with a back end that offered impressive functionality and security, as well as advanced responsive coding to customize the Website’s user interface for desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Whitney Mortimer and Brian May designed the digital, traditional and outdoor marketing materials. They brought the chosen colors, typefaces, and photography together in an overall look that gave the brand a unified and unique presence that differentiated it and reflected the brand’s personality and the team behind it. 

All in all, the client was very pleased with the work and the timeframe in which it was completed. You might say, “That’s a 10-4.”