Maycreate Gives St. Peter's a New Digital Identity

 Monty Wyne

The value of a great web presence can never be over stated. It’s your online brand ambassador. It’s also your personal sales staff, once you’ve turned off the lights and closed the doors for the evening. And when it comes to a very special school, it’s the one place busy parents can find out more about you, once the kids are asleep for the night.

St. Peter’s, an extraordinary elementary school for grades K – 5, came to us for a complete overhaul of their Website. They wanted a new look and bold messaging that truly represented the school’s mission and purpose and, in turn, attracted visitors. They also wanted visitors to know that the school was a place where their children mattered and preparing them for their futures mattered to St. Peter’s.

The previous website was dated and it’s message, design and brand presence had run their course. It was time for a total upgrade that offered ease of navigation and visually communicated the joy each student experienced everyday at St. Peter’s.

From a technical standpoint, the new site needed to be responsive and seamlessly integrate into the school’s back office services, as well as the third party features so many parents expect. To give parents access to the third party features, such as a school calendar and classroom schedules, Maycreate designed a special portal for them where they could log in with a private user name and password.

The new Site has been well received and Site traffic has been surprising. We’d like to recognize and thank Maycreators, Grant Little and Whitney Mortimer, the site’s designers, and David Andrews, the site’s photographer, for their exceptional work.

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