Maycreate, In View Graphics, and the Chattanooga Airport Fasten Their Seatbelts

 Monty Wyne

It was a race with the clock but the Chattanooga Airport campaign took off on schedule thanks to a quick turnaround by the Maycreate team and the all out efforts of In View Graphics

“It was a huge task,” said Brian May, president and creative director. “We had a little less than two weeks to complete creative for outdoor, print, radio, airport signage, microsite, social and digital ad campaigns. On top of that, we had to get all the signage into print production and complete installation as quickly as possible. 

Maycreate’s creative team needed to come up with a campaign concept that focused on the true consumer benefit of United’s non-stop service to two great cities. The idea that everyone gravitated to was one Brian had been thinking about over the weekend. It consisted of a memorable tagline, which contained a playful blue heart that captured the joy of traveling from Scenic City to the Big City without changing planes or seats. In short, “I Love (or Heart ) Non-Stop” was born. The line also became the URL for the microsite announcing the Airport’s new service—


With the theme decided upon, the creative team began concepting headlines, copy/content, layouts, graphics, and web development. Brian completed the brand identity package, including color palette, logo design and layout standards. He also designed all the outdoor, print, airport signage, plus the social media ads for the campaign. In addition, Brian and Monty Wyne, our senior copywriter, worked together on generating headlines and copy/content that stopped readers and listeners with clever but benefit-oriented interpretations of the theme and the service.

Grant Little, Maycreate’s senior art director and web designer oversaw the microsite design, which included site map, wireframes, visual mockups, page templates, graphics, copy/content, visual imagery, and all type placement. Taylor Richards, Maycreate’s web developer, saw to the back end. Ease of navigation and smooth functionality were two very important requirements. And the site had to be easily and quickly accessed by all mobile visitors, which meant paying close attention to the responsive coding, tailoring the experience to all devices. Sarah Smith, Maycreate’s staff photographer was the eye behind all the photography featured in the work.


When it came to printing and installation of the airport's on-site graphics, Maycreate turned to the pros at In View Graphics. Jerry Siler and Tom Marshall at In View were certainly no strangers to tight deadlines but they knew this would be a challenge. Once they had Brian’s vision and the scope of work, they got started. 


The majority of the signage was printed on vinyl because of its durability, resilience and look. They knew the specific properties of vinyl would showcase the creative. Allowances had to be made for the different surfaces the signage would be applied to, which meant identifying and using specific adhesives. The In View production team, headed up by Michael Parris, created everything from 40 by 8-foot banners for the atrium to the massive floor graphics. 

Installing all the signage required a lot of coordination with airport officials and understanding from arriving and departing passengers, not to mention a 2 ½ ton scissors lift for the In View team to safely reach the 28-foot lower quadrant of the dome area to install banners. As the crew, led by Tom Marshall, applied the floor laminate leading to the departure gate, passengers would stop, fascinated by the procedure. Tom said, “It appeared to be great entertainment for our audience and many commented on the clever messages and well executed designs.” 

September 7th, is just days away and Maycreate, In View, and the Chattanooga Airport are looking for a very successful launch. So, for all those traveling between the Scenic City and the Big Cities of New York and Chicago, we say, “You shouldn’t have to change planes to change cities.