Maycreate Increases Its Creative Firepower by Two

 Monty Wyne

Meet the two most recent additions to our creative staff, Virginia Brooks and Marlee Robinson. Two very talented and accomplished individuals that bring some valuable experience to Maycreate’s creative department.


Meet Virginia Brooks

Virginia grew up in Chattanooga—Missionary Ridge to be exact. She was a competitive swimmer in high school, which could explain her impeccable work ethic. She bought a guitar with her very first paycheck and learned how to play it. So, her creative instincts began at an early age and took some amazing steps forward when she decided to enter Chatt State’s Graphic Design program.

She earned her associate’s degree and with it came the ability to code, design, illustrate, build Websites, create ads, and produce an impressive portfolio. From there, she joined Widgets & Stone, an award-winning creative agency in Chattanooga. Her responsibilities grew quickly and so did the chance to demonstrate her abilities. She was a problem solver who learned everything she could about building a client’s brand, finding clever and unexpected solutions.

Research was her strong suit. She’d immerse herself in a business and its competitors, looking for that edge, that point of difference that made them stand out. She dealt with impossible deadlines. Was the go-to person when it came to fixing functionality problems with Websites. She also took it upon herself to design, write and produce a production manual to provide guidance for the growing number of client photo shoots at Widgets & Stone.

Virginia also has a way with clients and works hard at building respect and mutual trust. Something she learned from a working colleague, who was a former Marine. Her compassion and empathy come from her mother, both valuable and essential tools in the creative field. Virginia is a great addition to the Maycreate team. We welcome her and we’re sure our clients will welcome her as well.


Say Hello to Marlee

She was born and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida, home to the Daytona 500 and sunshine. She loved deep sea fishing and also played fast-pitch softball in high school. Pitched a wicked change-up. The old beach signs with their color patterns and unusual type sparked her interest in typography.

Sports also played an initial role when deciding her path of study in college. She thought she’d pursue physical therapy, but a high school photography class and her growing interest in art would take her down a different road. That road led to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC).

Her sophomore year at UTC a college professor recognized Marlee’s talent and encouraged her to enter UTC’s Graphic Design program. It was extremely competitive, only 12 students a semester were accepted, but her portfolio review was all it took. 

She immersed herself in branding, typography, calligraphy, illustration, and then came an interview with Brian May who also recognized her talent and offered Marlee a job and the chance to demonstrate her exceptional skills to clients as a junior designer. 

Marlee also loves the great outdoors. “It’s a chance to explore new places, allows you the freedom to come up with ideas,” she says. And it’s also a place to spend time with her dog, Nala, a Louisiana Catahoula. 

Marlee loves branding and can’t wait for the opportunity to apply what she’s learned to working on a real client branding project at Maycreate. Based on what we’ve seen she’s going to get that chance before she knows it.