Maycreate On Track with Chattanooga’s Historic Choo-Choo Development

 Monty Wyne

The 106-year-old Chattanooga Choo-Choo, the city’s most famous landmark and popular hotel, will also soon be an entertainment, retail and apartment complex and Maycreate is handling all the branding and advertising for this exciting new development.

From street signs to apartment names to hotel and visitor touch points, Maycreate is creating a refreshed identity for this iconic landmark. “This is an huge and important undertaking for us,” says Brian May, executive creative director and founder of Maycreate. “It’s taking the best of the old and new and bringing them together in a way that celebrates their historic and modern-day imagery and identity.”

Maycreate has updated the logo for the complex, which reflects both past and present. There will also be new room keys, parking passes, door hangers, shopping bags, collateral, advertising and more, which carry the refreshed branding imagery for the hotel and entertainment complex.

The well-known hotel, restaurant and entertainment venue, is remodeling 98 of its hotel rooms into studio apartments in one of its three hotel buildings. Downtown housing units are in great demand and this will put residents within walking distance of downtown offices, shops and the city’s emerging entertainment district.

The Choo-Choo is already converting some of its former restaurants, shops and kitchen areas into space for new upscale restaurants, nightclubs and the relocated Comedy Catch, which is one of Chattanooga’s oldest comedy clubs. There will also be a new concert venue known as the Revelry Room and 14th Street will become a walking promenade.

Maycreate is not only excited but honored to be working on this branding project. This is a chance to create something meaningful and memorable that will have a significant impact on the city’s economy for years to come.