Maycreate Recognized as Top 5 Agency on Agency Spotter

 Virginia Brooks


Maycreate is a small agency that is making a big difference in the city of Chattanooga and beyond.

Chattanooga, TN, June 19, 2017 ( - Maycreate, an advertising agency located in Chattanooga, was just listed as a Top 5 Agency with Agency Spotter, an online resource that connects brands to creative agencies. Released quarterly, Agency Spotter’s Top 20 Advertising Agency Report evaluates more than 2,300 advertising agencies based on their credentials, their focus, and expertise in advertising.

Agency Spotter evaluates how agencies create the big idea to their ability to produce great creative across channels, client feedback, and project work. Their most recent report was released June 13, 2017, with Maycreate listed number three among the top 20.

“We are honored and excited to have received such a high ranking on Agency Spotter’s agency report,” says Brian May, President and Senior Creative Director with Maycreate. “Our team has 175 years of combined total experience that produces excellence for the brands we serve nationwide. Each member of our team applies that invaluable experience to the work we produce for every client. We set the bar high and the end result has to pass our demanding standards before we share it with our clients.”

Maycreate is a full-service marketing agency, handling everything from advertising and creative development to website creation and social media marketing. Prior to Maycreate, senior team members gained their experience producing strategic and creative work for a number of Fortune 500 companies and organizations including AT&T, Ford, Sears, Johnson & Johnson, Volvo, Black & Decker, Dell, REI, Sprint, Hardee’s, Kraft, and the United States Marine Corps.

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