Maycreate Welcomes John Wagoner

 Sarah Smith

He’s always been a bit of a daredevil. An individual who possesses a competitive spirit. Motocross was familiar ground to John. So was BMX, an off-road bike race that offered plenty of thrills and spills. 

Then, there was track and cross country. He competed in high school. And did we mention he grew up in the desert? Scottsdale, Arizona to be exact. You might say, John is a rugged individualist. The ideal quality for the world of advertising and marketing.

John attended Arizona State University where he received a degree in Psychology.   A field of study that provided the essential inroads for connecting with the minds of consumers. He’s worked with CEOs, CMOs, Entrepreneurs…with the mutual goal of making satisfying growth, happen. 

He also started his own advertising agency, taking on the roles of principal, creative director, producer, account man…you name it. And, he found the time to raise a family, serve as an Assistant Scoutmaster, and watch one of his sons become an Eagle Scout.

For John, it’s all about encouraging clients, colleagues or family members, to achieve their potential. Take risks. Reach higher. The first question he always asks? “What do you want to do?” And the first thing he’ll say to clients, “It’s not about us, it’s about you.” It’s about finding an unexpected approach that solves your marketing challenge and leads to a successful outcome.

We couldn’t close without sharing John’s early musical ambitions. He taught himself how to play guitar and he and a couple of high school friends put a group together. They called themselves, “The Aspiring Guatemalan Musicians.” Needless to say, they didn’t go Gold, but they had one heck of a good time trying.