Maycreate Welcomes Katherine Bush

 Sarah Smith

She’s been wooing the masses with her artistic abilities since 1st grade. Won first place at the Shrimp Festival for a drawing of Forrest Gump on his shrimping boat. Shrimp’s a big thing on Amelia Island. The place where Kat grew up. According to Kat, legends abound. Buried treasure. Pirates. There’s truth to the tales. The hull of an old pirate ship washed up on shore a short way from the island, during Hurricane Irma. A great backdrop for the imagination and her future career in…you guessed it...advertising.

Kat loved art from the first time she picked up a pencil. Seems the art gene ran in the family. Her mom painted still life in oils and her uncle portraits. Kat turned to ceramics in high school. Then she moved on to acrylics, until she discovered water colors. She loves the way the paint flows on paper, creating shapes and subtle colors. You should see the illustrations and watercolors on her website. She’s also been working on a project titled, “100 Days of Strong Baes.” It celebrates 100 women who made a lasting impression on her life. Each captured in a colorful watercolor portrait.

But back to her advertising career. She made it a point to become familiar with some of advertising’s greatest art directors. Lee Clow, Mary Wells, George Lois, and John Hegarty, to name a few. And anytime she needs inspiration, she views “ART & COPY,” the powerful film about advertising’s greats and their secrets to inspiration. 

Kat graduated from the University of North Florida with a BA in Communications and Advertising. Her first job took her to Switzerland—Zurich, to be exact. There she worked for ICON Worldwide as a design apprentice. From there, it was back to the states and The Dalton Agency, CFI Marketing, and Mosaic North America, all in Jacksonville, Florida.

Then she discovered Maycreate. And after a few phone calls, emails, and a conversation with Brian May, she was hired.

Kat says she’s an “Old Soul.” Loves the music and artists of the ‘60s and ‘70s, John Fogerty, Credence Clearwater Revival. And someday she’d like to own a ’72 Chevy Chevelle. Well, “Old Soul” or “Young Soul” we’re very happy to have her here.