New Airport Website is Up, Up, and Away...

 Monty Wyne

As the city of Chattanooga grows, so does Chattanooga’s Airport. The airport has added more non-stops to big cities. Passenger traffic continues to increase. And whether it’s business or pleasure, more and more travelers appreciate and enjoy the speed and convenience of easy parking, short lines, and nine new non-stops.

With all this growth came the need for a new website. It was time to look for new ways to streamline our user’s interface. Following interviews with business travelers, our first job was to restructure the site’s navigation, so we could accommodate an individual user’s needs, while simplifying their interaction with the site.

To ensure a hassle-free customer travel experience, we improved functionality making it possible for the airport to update the status of parking lots and provide clear information about ground transportation. We also made sure visitors had ready access to essential TSA and FAQ information, as well as terminal maps, to assist visitors from out of town and provide them with quick access to their important flight information.

With a reported 56% of website visitors accessing travel sites with mobile devices, we kept a close eye on the mobile friendly, responsive features of the site, such as screen size and resolution. To ensure we were meeting user’s needs, our development team reviewed the previous site’s Google Analytics. They not only wanted to identify content that was important to our user but the efficiency with which the site responded to different devices.

Senior Art Director, Grant Little, designed the site and transformed this information driven project into an effortless and engaging user experience. His use of captivating graphic elements and flowing color transitions provided visual interest, while enabling visitors with the opportunity to easily locate information that was of interest. His attention to page content and site structure also allowed users the advantage of quickly getting to that information.

Virginia Brooks, Maycreate’s front-end developer, created a user-friendly environment for everything the Site’s visitors see, click or use, including content, layout and interaction. She was the bridge between our designer and the site’s Content Management System (CMS). She brought the designer’s concept to life, tailoring the user experience enhancing how users see and interact with the site.

The new website was launched over a month ago, and the initial feedback has been quite positive. Users find the site’s many new features very helpful and easy to access. Our client is also happy to see the continuing increase in site traffic.