Our Creative Team's Newest Member

 Monty Wyne

Where do we begin? How about New Washington, Indiana. Population 566. The place where the newest member of our creative team, Nadia Nutgrass, grew up. That is, until she moved to Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Derby and Nadia’s love for horse racing. She always had big dreams and an insatiable sense of curiosity. That’s one of the prerequisites for becoming a front-end developer. And one of the reasons we hired her.

Nadia’s a problem solver. The tougher the problem, the harder she works to solve it. To find a solution that not only satisfies her but keeps our clients happy. Nadia also loves learning about all sorts of things, which is a good thing for us. Since the world of technology is constantly changing, constantly moving forward, but Nadia is always one step ahead.

She received her Bachelor of Arts from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Being the curious and determined individual she is, Nadia figured out her own educational program. Got it approved by a professor. Powered through it, as she likes to say, and graduated in three years.

Following graduation, she backpacked in Europe with friends and then returned to Louisville to freelance. She got a steady gig at Canned Spinach Design, where she honed her Developer skills and field-tested apps, checking out functionality, usability and consistency.

When she’s not wrestling with a piece of code, she’s rock climbing. Makes sense. It’s all about problem solving. It’s also how she discovered Maycreate. She’d come to Chattanooga to rock climb. While she was here, she began Googling all the ad agencies in the city and when she saw Maycreate’s Website she knew this was where she wanted to work. After a couple of phone calls with Brian May and a look at her work...she got her wish.