Pretty Pictures Aren't Enough

 Anthony Sims

Great insight here from SEOgadget about why it's important to look beneath the surface of the latest internet trend, digital video technique or code hack.

While aesthetics and design share healthy overlaps, "pretty" and "attractive" messaging don't guarantee "effective" and "profitable" results. Too often the novelty or sheer fascination with the whatever marketing trend is hottest at the time makes it difficult for brands to remain completely focused on their customers wants and needs which rarely, if ever, include an assessment of marketing techniques.

SEOgadget encourages marketers to understand exactly how today's new technologies work that we can make informed decisions about strategy, tactics, budgeting and so forth. We'll take it a step further and ask why your customers want or need a particular message delivered a particular way.

If the internet has taught us anything about the race to capture customers' attentions, it's that a grainy video from a mobile phone can be more effective than the slickest Hollywood-level commercial if it engages a particular customer with the right message at the right time and with just a bit of good taste.