Say Hello to Jen

 Monty Wyne

Her playground is the great outdoors. Her best friend is Georgia, an Australian/Blue Heeler dog and the outdoors provides plenty of running room. Parks are one of Jen’s favorite places. It’s a chance to explore, hike, run or simply enjoy the wonders of nature and the sun. One of the reasons she came to Chattanooga. That and the fact she was born and raised in Atlanta.

New experiences are a must. Makes perfect sense, she created unique branding experiences for clients, while working as a Graphic Designer for an experiential marketing agency in Boulder, Colorado. She also worked as a Senior Graphic Designer at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design. Jen was part of an internal marketing team for the school, which allowed her a great deal of creative freedom.

As a Senior Art Director at Maycreate, she takes her craft seriously. Jen’s passionate about design and the application it has in her everyday work and personal life. Her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts (BFA) from Miami University in Ohio is proof of that dedication. She loves adding color to design as well, using it whenever and wherever she can, including her nails. She professes to have too much nail polish, but hey…it’s another creative opportunity.

Her other passion is people. She says that she’s thankful for the people in her life and that these relationships make her a better person. She also admits change is a plus and experiencing that in new places has fostered her creative instincts and the love she has for making home wherever that is. We hope that Maycreate and Chattanooga are home for some time to come.