Super Bowl LI — Who's In and Who's Out?

 Monty Wyne

This year’s Super Bowl commercials promise to be as spectacular and entertaining as last year’s spots—some even more so. Agencies and clients put everything they can into this once-a-year event. Creative departments try to outdo one another vying for the top spot in the media reviews that follow the big game. They pull out all the stops in the search for the “big idea” and then pump production dollars into bringing that idea to life and bringing increased business and sales to their clients.

The big game is an opportunity for agencies and clients to truly demonstrate what the “point of differentiation” is all about. It's also a chance to show what an effective marketing strategy and an idea that captures the voice and essence of a brand can do to make that brand Unique, Own Able, and Relevant, while capturing the minds and hearts of viewers.

So who’s in and who’s out?  You might want to bookmark this link to follow the commercials and get firsthand news. As far as participants are concerned, Wix is making another appearance this year and first launched their campaign on Facebook live, January 17. Skittles is back for year number three with the focus on their recognized tagline, “Taste the Rainbow.” Bush will be seen for the first time ever on the big game. And Avocados From Mexico are sure to have a surprise for viewers based on last year’s spot. And there are many other well-known brands with surprising commercials.

Here is a preview of the Wix spot that will run on this year’s game.

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