The Fingerprint That Determines a Brand’s Success

 Monty Wyne

Are you still following the same formula when it comes to your advertising messaging? How are your results? Okay? Could be better—a lot better? Maybe there’s something missing and that something is an emotional connection with your intended audience. It could make the difference between a loyal follower or a missed opportunity. Emotions are the hot button to engaging potential customers who could eventually become brand ambassadors, providing you with the most valuable form of marketing communications—“word of mouth.”

Emotions drive purchase-related decisions and brand loyalty. In this day and age of analytics and constant measurement, brands and their keepers need to pay particularly close attention to their emotional meter. Are messages and perceptions moving the needle or does the needle lie dormant?

Maybe it’s time to rethink how you think about your brand? What are those emotional hot buttons that are a relevant and truthful reflection of your brand? Above all, they must be believable to be accepted, trusted and eventually convince a consumer to take action. Find out more about the importance and understanding of your consumer’s emotional fingerprint by following the link. See why marketers armed with emotional intelligence enjoy a more robust and successful presence in the marketplace.

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