The Roarin' '20s Have Come Roaring Back!

 Monty Wyne

After a $28 million renovation, the “Great Gatsby” returns to Chattanooga. Avocet Hospitality Group, our client, has been working with local historians and architects, recreating a modern-day version of the Historic Read House hotel. They wanted to­­ capture the stateliness and grandeur of this well-known icon as it was in 1926, the era of the “Great Gatsby,” a time of affluence, opulence, and all that “jazz.”

On October 11, 2018, Avocet Hospitality held a grand celebration honoring the community and all those involved in the restoration of this historic icon, often recognized as one of the “most renowned hostelries south of the Mason and Dixon line.” More than 500 people attended the event. The theme was the “Roaring ‘20’s” and guests were invited to dress accordingly. They were also given the opportunity to marvel at the return of the famous “Green Room,” now an elegant event space, as well as the renowned “Silver Ballroom,” host to many historical events. and the pinnacle gathering spot for Chattanooga.

With the renovation, the hotel offers luxurious accommodations. Couples, families, and business travelers will find spacious rooms that are comfortable and well-appointed. The modern amenities not only provide the ultimate historic getaway, but guests can enjoy 24-hour valet parking, exceptional in-room dining, a heated indoor pool, a Bar & Billiards room with a speakeasy tone, as well as a library.

There’s also the legendary Bridgeman’s Chop House, named after Peter Bridgeman, a legendary figure better known as “Peter Rabbit.” He charmed countless guests and well-known celebrities for 47 years. This upscale restaurant features an extensive selection of fine steaks, chops, and seafood. One can also enjoy a favorite ‘20s style cocktail at one of the city’s finest restaurants.

We’ve been Avocet Hospitality’s marketing partner and agency of record since the initial plans for the restoration were announced in early September, 2016. Jon Weitz, CEO of Avocet, and Brian May, Principal and Creative Director of Maycreate, have worked together from day one. Wesley Sang, Avocet’s Director of Marketing, has also been an essential figure in the development of a marketing strategy and its execution.

Maycreate’s creative team has been very busy researching, creating and building a new brand for the historic hotel. Everything from a logo redesign, to large window graphics featuring fascinating historical stories, hotel signage (directional, safety, Courtyard, room numbers, etc.), menus, website design, naming rooms, as well as magazine ads, collateral, social media, business cards, gift cards, a key card design, and a historic timeline covering over 170 years.

Congratulations to all of our staff, our client’s team, and the many vendors who made this tremendous accomplishment possible. It has been an incredible ride from start to finish. The Historic Read House comes roaring back and an icon that has seen war, floods, epidemics and events that have shaped American history, lives on.