The Top Line on Improving Your Bottom Line

 Monty Wyne

In a bit of a summer sales slump? If your first inclination is to opt for the usual solutions, PPC, social media or content marketing, put them aside for now. Here’s an opportunity to implement some unexpected marketing strategies that could improve your bottom line, as well as your summer outlook. 

1.)  Why not inspire user-generated (UGC) content?

Not only is this free advertising, it’s a way to deliver your marketing message with a strong sense of believability and credibility. In other words, let your loyal customers market for you.  Just imagine the sales message they can deliver to their friends and associates on social media.

Identify innovative ways you can encourage your target market to reach out to their contacts through various social media platforms. This is a great way for you to develop brand name recognition.

To get the ball rolling, ask customers to post a picture of themselves with your product on social media using a specific hashtag. If you are a marketing service, why not ask them to tweet about how your service helped them, while using a specific hashtag. After that, share your best entries on your social media timelines.

2.)  Up your video exposure!

“Binge-watching” is in. What are you doing to leverage this advantage in the era of “More Video Is a Good Thing?”

There are a number of companies, large and small, that are ramping up their video options. The feeling is that video offers more longevity and retains customer interest and loyalty. Cisco believes that 69% of all digital traffic in the future will be the result of “binge watching.” 

Your videos don’t have to be long to be effective. In many cases, a brief, well executed video is all it takes to present a solid promotional message. According to one company, a short video that consists of stylish and innovative design patterns, results in a higher conversion rate.

Although, longer videos can also be effective. Run a lengthy video promoting your brand and those who view the entire presentation are definitely in your target market. Be sure to nurture them through your sales funnel.

3.)  How about Newsletters, printed that is?

Yes, a printed version versus an electronic or no version. One that ends up in your potential or existing customer’s real mail inbox. Given that the internet seems to occupy the better part of our business lives, you might ask, “Why would I send a real newsletter?”

Your competitors may be asking themselves the same question and as a result aren’t bothering to send them either. All the more reason for you to generate one, giving you a real competitive advantage.

As to other reasons, if you’re like most individuals and entrepreneurs, you receive more than a hundred emails a day. Among those is a fair amount of spam, so one has to find those emails that need or require reading. On the other hand, you receive much fewer pieces of physical mail. Imagine the attention a well-designed, well-written newsletter could get?

Newsletters also have a tendency to last longer, whereas email can disappear in an instant with one touch of a computer’s “delete” key. Newsletters, however, are often set aside to be read later when the recipient has more time. Thus, you have increased your longevity and exposure with customers.

So, look for new initiatives and then look for improvements in your bottom line in the coming fall. And don't stop looking for unconventional ways to promote your brand in the future. 

(This article is an excerpt from Forbes, January 12, 2016 edition.)