Tough to Top Us When It Comes to Digital Marketing

 Monty Wyne

You see a lot in the media about the importance and use of Digital Marketing. There are also any number of agency websites that claim to offer everything a client needs to make their Digital Marketing campaign a rousing success. If you’re currently looking for an agency, you might want to take a little time to read this.

To begin, Maycreate invests a considerable amount of time in continuing education. New techniques and ways to reach prospects are constantly evolving and we want to be on the leading edge of those changes. For example, today’s digital campaigns must parallel the buyer’s journey. So, first-touch messaging and assets must be high-level and educational if you want to insure customer engagement.

We are also skilled in leveraging a client’s entire digital platform, including website, app, and social media. Your website is the hub of your platform but it’s not the only part that needs attention. We build relevant brand experiences across each part of the platform, creating a consistent brand image and voice. 

In turn, our sophisticated analytics provide and measure important touchpoints across your entire digital platform. There are agencies that only focus on a specific part of your platform, at the expense of others. Maycreate, however, strives to build recognized and successful brands utilizing every aspect of your platform.

Another essential component of our process is continuous optimization of the campaign, as well as transparent reporting through our online dashboard. In other words, we do not “set and forget” your digital campaign. We conduct daily monitoring and optimizing to increase our level of performance. Through our online dashboard, you have the advantage of logging in at any time to check your campaign’s performance. This holds us accountable for our work and gives us the opportunity to continually improve the effectiveness of your campaign.

In addition to these advantages, our digital marketing program includes the following: Analytics, PPC, Display, Video, Online Lead Generation, SEO, Affiliate, Social, Email, and Creative Content, as well as Connected/OTT or “over-the-top” TV marketing. A resource that gives you access to the delivery of film and TV content via the Internet without the need to subscribe to a cable or satellite pay-TV service.