Website Design Best Practices

 Rad Davenport

Having a well-designed website is a must for every business. You conceived your business with your goals, hopes and values in mind, and your website should also reflect those sensibilities. Maycreate can take your unique business identity and translate it into an eye-popping, user-friendly website that drives customers to your brand. Here’s how we do it.

Make It Attractive

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That holds true for potential customers landing on your website. Lackluster web design can turn off even the most interested visitor in an instant. Thousands of businesses lose potential revenue due to poorly designed websites.

Website design is what we do. We choose a website color scheme that speaks to your target audience, works with your existing brand and makes sense for your business. We carefully lay out photos, text and other page elements and include complementary fonts that make your website appear clean and organized. And while every page of your website it significant, we design a home page that grabs visitors’ attention and makes a lasting, positive first impression.

Focus On User Experience

Your website must be easy to use and navigate and encourage website visitors to stay longer and explore your entire site. This should be the top priority for two reasons. Good UX facilitates the user's decision making process and when organizations fail to place value on UX, it becomes very difficult to achieve success. The UX determines the core components needed for the user - a place for them to initiate action and reaction. Second, search engines can more easily index websites with clear navigation structures, which leads to your site appearing in more search results.

At Maycreate, we approach web design with the end user in mind. We design easy to navigate websites so that your message stands out, and your website visitors can find the information they seek. We tell your users where to click with intuitive menus that put the most important information on the website within one or two clicks of the homepage.

Create Incredible Content

While attractive, user-friendly design is key, engaging content will grab visitors’ attention and convince them to learn more about your company. Content helps answer all the necessary questions involved in defining your brand. It also conveys your brand message to your website users.

While web design enhances visual appeal, content should be a main focus of your website. Our staff of award-winning content strategists and experienced copywriters create original content for your website focusing on tone and language appropriate for your industry and target audience. We ensure that your business is relatable and relevant to customers through conversational and fresh content.

Let Us Help

No matter what business you're in these days, your marketing plan starts with a good website. Maycreate’s team of designers and copywriters ensures that your website clearly tells your visitors what you want them to do and your brand message shines through. From back end to front end, we design, code, handle SEO, test, check for bugs, and launch your site, making sure everything works quickly and is secure. We build sites that get noticed, remembered and differentiate your unique brand.