You Are What You Do (Even if Customers Can't See It)

 Grant Little

It should go without saying that we care about graphics and visual identity here at Maycreate. We also care about brand strategies, marketing tactics, social reach, user experience and all the other normal concerns of a full-service branding agency in the digital age.

At the end of the day, however, all we can do as an agency is shape and amplify what you are as a business. And so while we can create brand graphics and killer taglines and usage guides to help manage your brand, ultimately your brand is what your customers tell each other.

Chipotle gets it. Though they are inarguably one of the most stylish (we'll just ignore that Papyrusy typeface they used once upon a time) and well-managed brands in the restaurant industry, this article from Quartz (h/t toKottke) shows that Chipotle walks the walk behind the scenes, too.

Average customers may not understand or even care how managers at their local Chipotle are hired, promoted or compensated. Still and yet, the link between quality management and restaurant success is all but self-evident. The teaching moment here is not that Chipotle hires and promotes from within, but rather that they bring the same enthusiasm and sense of fairness to their human resources as they do to their brand identity and customer service.