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    5 Very Maycreatey Things We’re Thankful For

    As we look forward to Turduckenpalooza 2016, let’s take a moment to step back and think of all the things designers, developers, brand managers and entrepreneurs have to be thankful for. Sure, it’s a crazy time to be in business and marketing is just plain crazy most of the time, but we should always try to appreciate that we get to live in a world of amazing technology, unprecedented diversity and jaw-dropping creativity. And so, here are five of our favorite Maycreatey things in design, tech a...  Read More...

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    Maycreate Gives St. Peter’s A New Digital Identity

    The value of a great web presence can never be over stated. It’s your online brand ambassador. It’s also your personal sales staff, once you’ve turned off the lights and closed the doors for the evening.   Read More...

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    Are You Nuts?

    How do you take a commodity (nuts) and turn it into a popular and respected brand? You start from the shell and work your way up. When you’re building a brand from scratch you’re looking at a blank piece of paper, which is both inspiring and terrifying.   Read More...

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    Maycreate On Track with Chattanooga’s Historic Choo-Choo Development

    The 106-year-old Chattanooga Choo-Choo, the city’s most famous landmark and popular hotel, will also soon be an entertainment, retail and apartment complex and Maycreate is handling all the branding and advertising for this exciting new development. From street signs to apartment names to hotel and visitor touch points, Maycreate is creating a refreshed identity for this iconic landmark. “This is an huge and important undertaking for us,” says Brian May, executive creative director and founder o...  Read More...

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    Refresh or Rebrand? Three Key Concepts

    Your brand is the composite of emotions, attitudes and ideas that customers share about your business. To put it more simply: your brand isn’t what you say you are, but what they say you are. Sometimes our clients are running good businesses, but because the market moves at the speed of Apple, Google and Facebook, it’s harder to find new customers and get them to share their positive experiences.   Read More...

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    How to Make an Old Brand New

    Is your brand experiencing an identity crisis? Is brand relevance a thing of the past? Have you lost touch with your audience?   Read More...

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    The Fingerprint That Determines a Brand’s Success

    Are you still following the same formula when it comes to your advertising messaging? How are your results? Okay?   Read More...

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    Refreshing A Campaign That’s “Priceless”

    Let’s say you have an incredibly successful ad campaign that has been running for a number of years. To keep it fresh, however, you have to embrace a world you’re unfamiliar with (digital advertising) and evolve with your customer. In addition, your branding campaign has become iconic, meaning not only is it talked about but it is widely recognized by a large, loyal and committed audience that continues to spread the word about your brand among friends and associates.   Read More...

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    You Are What You Do (Even If Customers Can't See It)

    It should go without saying that we care about graphics and visual identity here at Maycreate. We also care about brand strategies, marketing tactics, social reach, user experience and all the other normal concerns of a full-service branding agency in the digital age. At the end of the day, however, all we can do as an agency is shape and amplify what you are as a business.   Read More...

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    Pretty Pictures Aren't Enough

    Great insight here from SEOgadget about why it's important to look beneath the surface of the latest internet trend, digital video technique or code hack. While aesthetics and design share healthy overlaps, "pretty" and "attractive" messaging don't guarantee "effective" and "profitable" results. Too often the novelty or sheer fascination with the whatever marketing trend is hottest at the time makes it difficult for brands to remain completely focused on their customers wants and needs...  Read More...

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    Maycreate - CSS Design Awards Featured Site

    Maycreate's website for Wine Over Water gets featured on the CSS Design Awards site.    Read The Full Article   Read More...

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    Association of Marketing Professionals Blog

    Tennessee’s Maycreate developed an elegant site for Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery that effectively balances copy and visuals. Providing information about 38 locations across the U.S. could be overwhelming to organize on one website, but Maycreate completes the task effortlessly, neatly packaging all relevant information that restaurant-goers need.  Read The Full Article   Read More...

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    Smartphones Own E-Mail (at least the opening part)

    If e-mail is a big part of your marketing mix (note: it should be), it's time to cross the mobile device Rubicon. According to this article by VentureBeat, mobile phones now own a healthy majority of e-mail opens. This news should surprise approximately nobody; smartphone and tablet sales have been through the roof for a solid five years, and digital interaction has become more social, local and mobile as a result.   Read More...

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    Chattanooga Film Festival Taking Early-Bird Submissions

    In the past decade, there have been approximately a gazillion stabs at establishing an honest-to-goodness film festival in Chattanooga. It's easy to understand why: film festivals are loads of fun, full of cool people and, if you're lucky, they provide a major economic boon to the host city. But the cold, hard truth is that film festivals are EXTREMELY HARD PULL OFF.   Read More...

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    The Pulse - Mad Men Article

    Make no mistake. Brian May has no time for the high drama, sexcapades and office hijinks that make “Mad Men” such a juicy and addictive series. But he is fascinated by the show’s depiction of the creative side of an era that ended just as he was born.   Read More...

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