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Content Strategy and Why Your Brand Needs It

Content strategy helps answer all the necessary questions involved in the creation and distribution of (wait for it) your brand's content.

  • What content do we need?
  • How much do we need?
  • Who makes content?
  • When and where does content publish?
  • When does content update?
  • Who manages those updates?
  • And finally, why are we sharing this content anyway?

Which is another way of saying that all of your brand's content (everything your audience and see, click, tap, and SHARE) should faithfully communicate your values, personality and identity. In that sense, content strategy is the way Maycreate helps your content amplify your brand. 

Content strategy consists of three facets:


Your content inventory defines how much and what type of content you control or intend to control. Your content inventory is historical, current and prescriptive by nature, meaning that it accommodates content we’ve made, are making and intend to create. 


Content assignments specify who in your business is responsible for managing particular pieces of your brand's content. Individual pieces of content may have more than one person assigned to them; one person may have multiple content assignments.


Your content schedule determines when content is created, published and archived. A clear schedule prevents you from accidentally releasing content at the wrong time or delivering too much content at once.