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Mohawk & Doug the Pug - A Match Made in Heaven

Mohawk, the world’s largest flooring company, came to us with a challenge. Help them introduce a new hard surface-flooring brand, called Solidtech®, a brand that redefined the entire category. This product could stand up to anything. We had to ramp up quickly because the client wanted to roll out this introduction to their sales team in eight short weeks.

The first thing we did was sit down with the client to determine our target audience and what they were about. It was agreed that the Millennials would become the bellwethers to Solidtech’s® success. They represented the largest segment of America’s active consumer population. This generation was also starting families, buying homes, and looking for the kind of quality products that said something about just who they aspired to be. 

Solidtech® had several key selling points that would appeal to our target. These features would also play well with retailers and provide Mohawk’s Sales Team with a very convincing brand story, when it came time to talk with retailers about carrying the product line. There was only one thing missing. An advertising campaign idea that would capture the attention of retailers, Mohawk’s Sales Team, and the media savvy Millennials. 

Say hello “to Doug The Pug.” With more than 4M likes on Facebook and 2M followers on Instagram, Doug was the perfect face for Solidtech’s® marketing campaign. Not only was he famous, but he was uniquely capable of effectively communicating the remarkable benefits Solidtech offered.

With our defined audience and campaign idea in place, we started working on presentations and advertising materials for the initial introduction to Mohawk’s Sales Team. Rob Cherof, our team’s senior account planner and strategist, provided all the presentation content and the creative brief for the campaign. Brian May, Maycreate’s senior creative director, and Christy McCreery, associate creative director, designed and produced posters, print ads, in-store and trade show displays, POP, collateral, and videos for this tremendous effort. Brian also was responsible for two extensive Keynote presentations, which contained all the details for this huge product rollout.

Monty Wyne, Maycreate’s senior copywriter worked with Christy on a 4-color brochure, which was directed at our target audience. Christy designed and produced this piece and Monty provided all the copy/content. Once all the pieces for the campaign were complete, Brian and Rob flew to Dallas where they presented all the work to Mohawk’s senior management and the sales team at Solutions™, one of the largest flooring trade shows in the country.

Initial reactions? Senior management and the sales team were not only impressed with the marketing materials, but the depth, breadth, and professional look of all the work. The sales team is preparing to introduce the brand to retailers and from there Mohawk will launch a comprehensive ad campaign to consumers, which will include both digital and traditional media.

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