Gold Telly for "What is Art 2 Me" Campaign


The 29th Annual Telly Awards received over 14,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents. In a category that is very competitive with a large number of entries, "What Is Art to Me" took a gold. The campaign was honored for it's inclusiveness, inventiveness and the campaign's overwhelming success. It not only changed perceptions, it changed the face of an organization that had been viewed as elitist and exclusionary to one that was reaching out to members of the community who had been ignored until now.

Allied Arts, a not-for-profit arts council that provided funding and support for several arts and cultural partners, as well as arts education in the schools, needed a marketing campaign that appealed to the larger community, particularly younger donors. The message was simple. Communicate that the arts were an important and meaningful part of everyone's life. Maycreate struck upon an idea that brought this message to life.

"What Is Art to Me" â€‹provided the community with the opportunity to define art on their own terms. A picture frame, a camera and a Micro Site where participants could upload shots of their individual ideas of what art was to them turned the corner for Allied Arts. Every week the submissions were judged by an impartial panel and the winners were recognized with first, second and third place prizes, which were awarded monthly.

The unique element of this campaign was it's interactive component, which encouraged everyone in the community to become involved with the brand by providing their individual expressions of what art meant to them. In turn, it also created an opportunity for Allied Arts to reverse current opinions, while creating a new brand image. Thousands of entries were received during the campaign's year-long run. The grand prize winner(s) received an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C., one of the country's celebrated art centers.

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