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The App That Captures The Ultimate Video of Your Kid’s Game!

How many time have you been at the athlete in your life’s baseball, football or soccer game and said, “I wish there was an app that would let me capture, edit and create an awesome video?” Well, there is! Say hello to OH!PLAYS.

This amazing app is available in the App Store® or Google Play Store® and it is the perfect way to shoot and create the perfect highlight video for sports plays. Now you can capture those one-of-a-kind moments on video and provide the athlete in your life with their very own highlight reel.

The app is easy to use. The Site you go to to download the app is: Once you’ve downloaded it on your phone or mobile device you’re ready to produce your own action video. Create a great highlight video by trimming your clip. You can also add on-screen graphics to enhance your video. Simply choose a graphic style template and you’re off and running.

In addition, you can combine your clip with other videos and photos. Add stock music or music from your own library to create a little drama and excitement. Share your video on social platforms like Instagram®Facebook®, and YouTube®. Capture video reactions to your video. The options are almost endless.

So, if you’re looking for the ultimate app to capture those ultimate moments on the gridiron, the baseball diamond or the soccer field, check out OH!PLAYS. We think you’ll find it’s the MVP of sports highlight videos.