Our Work


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The Challenge

A former enterprise tech CEO came to us with an idea: a new apparel brand based around a catch-phrase shouted during pick-up games in his old neighborhood. He wanted a line of sports apparel built around “Oh Boy!” but knew he needed a unique brand if he wanted to make a dent in an extremely competitive segment.


Our Approach

We looked at the sports lifestyle landscape and everything was hardcore, obsession, aggression. We loved the stories of the founder and his buddies growing up and playing sports from dawn to dusk. We didn’t just want the brand to say “Oh Boy!” We wanted the brand to represent that love of playing and competing and building friendships through sports.


ccffff Oh Boy Light Blue

Brand Identity

Two core logo marks: a pennant and a face. Each inspired by the pride, surprise, and simple joy of sports culture. We supported the main marks with a range of contextual alternate logos to speak directly to specific audiences the brand wanted to engage. The “Good Game” tagline harkened back to the first lesson in sportsmanship anyone learns as a kid. Color grammar inspired by dominant color schemes in college and pro sports.

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Apparel Design

Striking a balance between casual, cool and competitive. Kids apparel tend toward brighter neons and primaries, while men and women get classy neutrals with the occasional look-at-me colorway. Tone is always positive and good-natured.


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Print Advertising

We created brand print assets to emphasize Oh Boy's emotional value. We focused on finding the true spirit of athletic competition without resorting to expensive celebrity endorsements or copying other lifestyle brands. This agile grammar let us maintain a consistent look, feel, tone, and manner no matter if we were supplying a print ad or an investor package.


e7e6e7_Light Gray

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Designing a range of t-shirts and lifestyle apparel is just one step in the process. We locked down a shooting location, hired models, then planned and executed a professional photo shoot showing Oh Gear in a cool, optimistic, athletic context that fit the core values of the brand.


333333_Dark Gray


Part of Oh Boy's focus was to support amateur athletes who represented the brand's core values of hard work, sacrifice, sportsmanship and optimism. We created these 'micro-documentaries' featuring an amateur golf couple grinding it out in hopes of landing on a pro tour and a high school football team with a new coach trying to rebound from an embarrassing season.

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Digital Marketing

An on-brand Facebook page supported by targeted pay-per-click advertising and a March Madness microsite featuring an exclusive interview with Dick Vitale and artwork from top-tier French illustrator Florian Nicolle. Micro-documentary video content celebrating under-the-radar sports stories about hard work, sacrifice and love of the game.



We designed a system of page templates for a sports-focused, social-focused content network. We evolved from a basic user interface that simplified alpha stage website development and then delivered a bolder, more exciting design for the proposed beta launch.

Visit OhBoySports.com





We created the Good Game Stories to provide magazine-style sports articles with a focus on Oh Boy's core values. In developing Oh Boy's content team, we built relationships with a roster of amazing sportswriters, many of whom were particularly connected to college basketball. GoodGameStories.com launched in March of 2015 with a feature story on the inimitable Dick Vitale, including amazing custom illustrations from French designer Florian Nicolle.






To execute Oh Boy Sports' apparel sales, we built OhGear.com on a durable e-commerce content management system. We created custom graphics and established the organizational hierarchy for the store's navigation system. We worked with Oh Boy's retail fulfillment center to sync inventory and refine the company's approach to online retail. We leveraged the power of tags to make the entire inventory of Oh Gear easily sortable. We handed off the site to Oh Boy's retail management team.

Visit OhGear.com







To help build social capital and brand equity, we developed a custom website that scraped Instagram for the #goodgame and #ohboysports hashtags, then pulled the posts into a 'living grid' of athletes and fans showing their support for the Oh Boy brand. We made it all happen with custom PHP accessing the Instagram API.





The Facebook page gained over 190k Likes in six months. Oh Boy became an underwriter for Surfers for Autism and sponsored two up-and-coming pro golfers, Emelie Lindskog and Alex Rosen. Today, Oh Boy is researching opportunities in the team management space as well as nationwide youth club sports sponsorships.

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