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    From Civil War Fort to Exciting Retail Concept

    Warehouse Row has a storied history that dates back to the Civil War. It began as the Old Stone Fort and by the early 20th century it became part of the warehouse district that served the growing railroad industry. Today, it has been transformed into an exciting community retail concept, which is revitalizing downtown Chattanooga.   Read More...

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    What? A World Without Ads?

    So, consumers are annoyed with marketers interrupting their content with ad messages. No surprise. But what may come as a surprise is what would happen in a “World Without Advertising?”Marketers are projected to spend some $200 billion on advertising in the U.S.   Read More...

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    A Digital Refocus for Focus Treatment Centers

    Focus Treatment Centers offer those dealing with substance abuse and eating disorders specialized programs that are specifically designed to fit each patient’s individualized needs. The result is these individualized programs are more than just “rehab.”Focus relies heavily on the effectiveness and marketing support of digital media, especially their Website. The majority of their patients connect with them online.   Read More...

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    Owning The Customer’s Consideration Phase

    Marketing executives today are faced with more challenges than their earlier counterparts from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. If you were a CMO in that era and you were launching a product with an ample budget, you’d spend the money on print, radio, television, direct and maybe outdoor, and that was it.Today, you have those media and thousands of different things to do online. Understanding Google algorithm changes, or the throttle rate of Facebook ads, how your customers move...  Read More...

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    Planning for The New Generation—Centenarians

    It’s entirely possible. As longevity increases, marketers plan for a world of centenarians. CMO Atilla Cansun got a firsthand look when his father retired at 66.   Read More...

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    “Has Your Business Reached A Crossroads?”

    This was the question, which sparked Maycreate’s development of a new brand and entire identity for a unique financial start-up. Our client, Frank Williamson, had held several successful upper management positions as an investment banker and a managing partner. Now he wanted to set out on his own. His company, Oaklyn Consulting, offered something new to the business world—a business financial strategy firm that helped companies and small business make difficult financial and str...  Read More...

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    How To Evaluate Your Success With Social

    There are numerous key performance indicators (KPIs) you can use to measure social success. The following four, however, are the most revealing: Content Engagement Levels, Consumer Sentiment, Consumer Market Insights, and Business Impact.Engaging your audience is a challenge. So, how can you become more effective at social engagement?   Read More...

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    Eighteen Wheels, One Promise

    We were launching a startup in one of the most competitive businesses on the road—trucking. There are over 500,000 trucking companies in the U.S. and we knew from the get-go we had to find a memorable and believable way to differentiate AmTrans USA from their competitors.When we first met with Anthony Wallace, the CEO of AmTrans, there was an immediate connection.   Read More...

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    Say Hello to Jen

    Her playground is the great outdoors. Her best friend is Georgia, an Australian/Blue Heeler dog and the outdoors provides plenty of running room. Parks are one of Jen’s favorite places.   Read More...

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    Maycreate, In View Graphics, and the Chattanooga Airport Fasten Their Seatbelts

    It was a race with the clock but the Chattanooga Airport campaign took off on schedule thanks to a quick turnaround by the Maycreate team and the all out efforts of In View Graphics. “It was a huge task,” said Brian May, president and creative director. “We had a little less than two weeks to complete creative for outdoor, print, radio, airport signage, microsite, social and digital ad campaigns. On top of that, we had to get all the signage into print production and complete installation a...  Read More...

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    Blog Basics for Businesses

    Blogging is important to your business. Blogs appear on topics ranging from fashion, to video games to business trends and are read by people just as diverse as the topics themselves. It may take some time, writing skill and effort, but blogging will pay dividends for your business.   Read More...

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    A Fish Story You Won’t Forget

    If you’re a seafood lover, you won’t want to miss the Fish Market in Historic Old Town Alexandria. They serve the freshest seafood in Northern Virginia. This was a fish story worth telling and Maycreate developed a Website that did just that.When the client sat down with our Senior Art Director and Web designer, Grant Little, the client’s first request was create a Site that makes your mouth water.   Read More...

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    Advertising Has Gone Neuro!

    Skeptics have been skeptical. However, following a massive amount of supporting publicity, “Neuromarketing” is finally getting its due. In case you haven’t heard, Neuro is a surefire way of predicting whether or not your TV commercials are having a positive effect on sales.At a recent conference, Samsung and the firm Neuro-Insight explained to a group of marketing researchers how they analyzed distinctive brain activity of both iPhone and Samsung users to create effective telev...  Read More...

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    Keep On Truckin’

    How do you keep truck drivers and the trucks they drive on the road and out of the repair shop? You call on Big Rig Lending. To make sure Big Rig got all the elements of their marketing and branding campaign rolling, they called on Maycreate. Big Rig came to us with a company name and asked us to help them create an entire company identity, beginning with a unique brand story that defined the company and gave it a distinctive brand voice.   Read More...

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    Maycreate Lands the Airport

    Maycreate celebrated a big win this week when the agency was awarded the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport account. Ten agencies, both in and out of town, competed for the business. Maycreate was one of two local shops that answered the Airport’s RFP. Brian May, president and creative director, said, “This is not only an account we wanted to win, but a brand we can positively impact by raising awareness and visibility for an asset that will play a significant role in Chattanooga&...  Read More...

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