It's hard to overstate the value of great photography. We don't mean the old saw about pictures being worth a thousand words, but real, measurable, rubber-meets-the-road, honest-to-goodness value. A great photo can mean the difference between a product that sells on your website and one that sends customers bouncing across the internet in search of a better deal.

So what is great photography, exactly? Well, it's certainly not something your office assistant's roommate's cousin does for a hobby. If you wouldn't trust them to make your bank deposit, you shouldn't trust them with your website photography. It's also not something you do on your phone with that whiz-bang new camera app, unless you are supremely talented. And finally, great photography isn't stock photography, because no matter how good it is, your competitors can use exactly the same image, and that just won't do.

Great photography really only comes one way: from a talented photographer with a knack for composition, color balance, depth of field and other photographic details that turn your brand into an image that makes customers tell their friends about you.

At Maycreate, our on-staff photographer works directly with our art direction and design team to carefully compose and shoot image assets that are flexible for use in any design application or media channel. We’ll collaborate closely with you and your team to visualize your story through lifestyle images, staff portraits, and product detail photography.

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