Red Is The New Black… Burger, That Is

 Monty Wyne

Believe it or not, there’s a new kind of burger that’s becoming the rage in, of all places—Japan. Yes, Burger King has introduced red burgers to the Japanese called the Aka Burger (“aka” meaning red in Japanese). It comes in two varieties: Samurai Beef or Samurai Chicken and sports a bright red bun, with red cheese and an extra red tomato.

Tomato powder gives this unusual staple is fiery red hue. Not surprisingly, the burgers are spicy and covered in a special condiment, called “ANGRY Sauce,” which is created from red-hot chili peppers and chili paste. So this red offering lives up to its name and reputation.

Surprise, surprise, this isn’t the only unusual burger concoction consumers are  seeing from Burger King Japan. Burger King has also updated its Kuro Burger, or “black” burger. It now comes in two versions, the Kuro Shogun and the Kuro Taisho. Both have the same charcoal-blackened bun and squid ink-dyed sauce.

Stateside, Burger King doesn’t plan on introducing the red or black burger to the American audience any time soon. However, the fast food company has been experimenting, not with colors, but with different types of food. They’ve begun testing hot dogs and that American favorite, corn dogs, at BK locations in Michigan and Maryland.

Stay tuned.