“Say Cheese,” Better Yet, Don’t!

 Monty Wyne

It’s a familiar expression to any amateur or professional photographer, but cheese is the last thing a talented photographer wants when it comes to shooting pictures that represent a client’s brand. In short, if it’s “Cheese,” the shot is unacceptable and reflects unfavorably on your brand.

Another familiar expression is, “Image is everything.” When it comes to your brand, image is not only everything; it’s the only thing. This is the reason Maycreate has two very talented and particular photographers on staff—Sarah Smith and David Andrews. They’re artists and the camera is a tool that brings their artistry to life and captures the essence and truth of a client’s brand.

Lighting, f-stop, shutter speed, composition, ASA, Card Reader, pixels, all are familiar and necessary terms when it comes to digital photography and each can make the difference between a truly great shot versus a shot that well…is “Cheese!”

From diamonds to people, from food to fashion, from real estate to exclusive footwear, every subject requires a certain expertise, an eye for the subtleties, the little things that can make that photograph a classic or a flop. It’s knowing how to position things, whether available or artificial light will bring out the best in a subject, whether you shoot on location or in the studio, and the list goes on.

David has a way with people and portraits. He instinctively knows where to place the light, how to capture a person in a natural state versus posed. He also knows how to find the ideal spot or location in which to take the shot, working tirelessly with a subject establishing a rapport and breaking down the barriers that come between subject and camera.

Sarah has an uncanny knack and understanding for food or fashion. It’s looking for that expression on a model’s face, making sure the model and the clothing become one element, moving in seamless harmony with one another. In food, it’s capturing that appetite appeal, working with the unusual colors and the way the food is designed or appears on a plate or natural surface.

Photography can make or break a brand. You want to stand out, to get noticed, to somehow get remembered and encourage a customer to select your brand over another. So do we. And that’s why Maycreate places such emphasis on making every shot, a great shot.