Branding & Identity

You've got a business, you're building a brand, so you need a logo. Simple as that, right? Well, yes and no.

Of course you need a logo, but it's important to understand that your logo is NOT your brand. A logo is also not necessarily pretty, not necessarily representative of your business, and almost certainly not something that should look like the leaders in your market.

We tell our clients that a logo is your brand's flag. It's a signifier, if you lean a little toward academic definitions. But most importantly, it's the symbol that contains and represents all the thoughts and emotions that your audience feels when they share ideas about your business.

So what makes a great logo? In a word: agility. Your logo can be cool, it can be eye-catching, it can be a lot of things that matter to you personally, but first and foremost a logo must be able to go out into the world and wave the flag for your business.

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